Tokens for Not the End

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Not the End uses HexSys , an original game system that uses different colored tokens , which are inserted and blindly drawn from a bag to solve important situations during the story.

The differently colored tokens that are used in Not the End represent successes and complications . You use tokens every time your hero faces a trial:

Add to the bag a positive token for each hero trait you want to put into play in the trial you are facing.

The choice of which traits to put into play is up to you.

Then add to the bag a number of negative tokens equal to the difficulty of the test , which will be communicated to you by the narrator.

Extract 1 to 4 tokens from the bag. The more you decide to mine, the greater the risks and chances of succeeding.

Each positive token extracted represents a success, each negative token a complication.

Tokens of different colors do not cancel each other out but, once extracted, they will all contribute to the outcome of the test .


  • Twenty official tokens for Not the End, in two different colors, ten orange and ten purple, hexagonal in shape, in transparent recycled plastic. The colors make the tokens distinguishable with all types of color blindness
  • An official bag in which to insert and draw tokens from, in organic cotton