KotR:A - Custom Dice

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A set of 24 custom dice , 6d4 , 6d6 , 6d8 and 6d12 , which will be enough for the whole group to play, with a small bag to hold your dice.

6 units per die is all you need, as a Student cannot use more than 6d8 and 6d12, while the Difficulty will change them to d6 and d4.
An average Test requires 4 to 8 dice.


It is very easy to start playing: you only need one Student Sheet (or Curriculum) each and some 12-sided (d12), 8-sided (d8), 6-sided (d6) and 4-sided (d4) dice!

KotR:A makes no difference between combat and non-combat Tests: a Test is always a moment that could have unforeseen consequences.

A Test usually involves a single task, such as passing someone unseen, hitting an enemy or remembering useful information, and will have varying degrees of success based on the outcome of the dice.

But the most important thing you should know about KotR:A is that Students will be able to accomplish impossible feats by pushing their Limit. Gradually, a Student will reach their Limit, and when they exceed it they will go into Overdrive, giving their all and turning every roll into a critical result, for better or for worse.