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Knights of the Round: Shonen

Knights of the Round: Shonen

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2-5, narratore incluso

Tempo di gioco

Fino a 26 sessioni da un paio d'ore per ogni campagna



Materiali necessari per giocare

Temi del gioco

Anime, Shonen, and Tornei sportivi

Shonen, or “anime for boys”, are one of the main inspirations of KotR:A, and have mainly influenced how Students can use Limit Points and the idea of Overdrive.

KotR:A, however, is also a game about Mechas, and this reflects, for example, in the Knight Techniques each Job has.

Knights of the Round: Shonen takes the focus away from the Knights and puts it on the Students: this means that to create a Student using both rules you will have to pay a little more attention and make some choices regarding the Core, the Knight, the Lineages and the Jobs.

KotR:S uses the term "Shonen" in a deliberately broad way, touching on themes that also concern the so-called Shoujo, or “anime for girls”.

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